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Collector's Dolls by Maryse Nicole..

Maryse Nicole has become one of the shining stars of the doll design world.. rising to Executive Director of Doll Design at one of the most famous doll manufacturers in USA.. while remaining a prolific artist in her own right..
These dolls bear her unmistakable signature in their style.. their sculpted detail.. and their unsurpassed quality..

They come packaged in their original sealed cartons direct from the
manufacturer's warehouse..

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Blushing Rose
Maryse Nicole - Blushing Rose.. -- $ 126.00
Christmas Rose
Maryse Nicoles Christmas Rose.. -- $ 126.00
Franklin Mint & Maryse Nicole - Claudette.. -- $ 73.00
Evangeline.. Angel of Perfect Harmony -- $ 73.00
Maryse Nicole - Lindy.. -- $ 49.50